Babel never wanted to join Al-Ain

On July of 2015, Ryan Babel joined the Arabian Gulf League club Al-Ain as he made his move from Kasimpasa over to Al-Ain but his time spent at the club based in United Arab Emirates has been extremely disappointing just how his career has been ever since he left Liverpool back in 2011.

Babel has a contract with Al-Ain which extends until 2017 but it was confirmed earlier in January that the Dutch player never really wanted to join the club.

“I think Babel will go back to Turkey to play with Fenerbahce. And Emmanuel, we have one team from China interested and Fenerbahce want to take him back. I think he’ll go back to them and Babel might as well.’’

“This is normal in football. Sometimes big name and big players come and don’t do anything here. This can happen in any team. Sometimes you bring one big name and he doesn’t want to play that’s my opinion on Babel and Emenike, I think they didn’t want to play here.’’

Those were the words released by a board member of Al-Ain, Mohammed Obeid as he revealed that Ryan Babel along with Emmanuel Emenike never really performed at the potential that was initially expected.

Mohammed Obeid stated that neither Ryan Babel nor Emmanuel Emenike did have any true interest in performing with the rest of the team.

Ever since Ryan Babel left Liverpool on January of 2011, Babel has gone on to join a number of different clubs and his career has been going through a downhill path as Babel went from being a young player with a bright future that struggled trying to live up to the expectations and having disciplinary issues with many of the clubs that he joined.